FAQ for the Zombie Run

Q: Zombie Fun Run? Is this for me?

A: This is a 5K (3.2 mile) Run/Walk.  It’s a Family Friendly Fun .  You do not have to be in great shape, but you do need to posses the ability to smile and laugh a lot.

A: Also, if either of the following quotes means anything to you then you should join us as a Zombie…
“They’re coming to get you, Barbara!” ―Night of the living Dead 1968
“Braaaaaains”  ―Just about every respectable Zombie flick

A: Or, if the following quote make sense than you should join us as a Runner
“Enjoy life. There’s plenty of time to be dead.” ― Hans Christian Andersen

A: But, if this quote makes sense to you than ya may wanna go sign up for a Marathon or something instead!
“Zombie Run? I don’t get it!” ―Zombie Apocalypse Haters

Q: How It Works:

A: This is not a “Zombie chase down runners and pull flags event”.   It’s a bunch of people dressed as Zombies, and a bunch of people dressed as runners, all running and or walking together having fun.   We will line up Zombies and Runners according to your estimated mile speeds.  In each speed bracket the Runners will go first followed by the Zombies!

We don’t care who comes in first or who comes in last.  So if you care, then you gotta bring your own timing device.  Cuz everyone knows Zombies can’t tell time!

Everyone will get a finishers medal, a cool shirt,  and there will be awards for certain categories (yet to be determined… so stay tuned)

You sign up as a Zombie or as a  Zombies or as yourself!

Q: Does this benefit a charity?

A: We (Jiminy Stitch-It and Dream Team Events) Love San Jose, We love Zombies, and we love Parks.  So we looked, and looked, and looked even more, but couldn’t find a single non-profit that supports Zombies or the mistreatment of Zombies.  So we decided to support the San Jose Parks Foundation.   All kidding aside, the San Jose Parks Foundation is a great organization and a huge asset to our fair city.

Q: Can I bring a Pet?

A: NOT! Hey, we love pets! Really, we do! Pets and Zombies?  Ya might as well bring your dog to a mail carrier convention.  So please leave your pets at home.  You can show them  pictures from the run later.

Q: Is this race refundable?

A: This race is non-refundable, but we want everyone to be happy so you can transfer your entry to a bud.

Q: How do I sign-up for the fun!

A: Go to the top of this page and click on the Green “Register Here” Button or click right here

Q: What if it rains on Race Day?

A: Rain or shine the 2013 Zombie Fun Run is on!

Q: What if I suffer from ZMC  (Zombie Make-up Challenged)?

A: No worries, we will have a Zombie make-up booth for ya!

Q: Do I have to dress up like Zombie?

A: No, It’s always good to have ”The uninfected” and “Zombies’ mingling.   Zombies can always use more socializing with the general public.