Volunteers for the Game Day 10K

Sorry, there virtually no currant volunteer opportunities for the Virtual Game Day 10K

Volunteers for the Zombie Run

Don’t feel like running or walking but still wanna hang out with Zombies?… Become a volunteer!

Dream Team Events and Sigma Nu are calling all Humans and Zombies to volunteer at the “2014 Run with the Zombies” 

The Zombie Run just wouldn’t be the same without you… We need your Brainzzzz (and maybe your brawn too)!

Bring your Happy Face (or your creepy Zombie Face) and join Dream Team Events and Sigma Nu as we have fun raising funds for the San Jose Parks Foundation! Bring a friend!

Zombie Volunteer Actors (Contact Shadow at   nat.marquez1992@gmail.com)

  • Volunteers are needed to be Zombie props along the course. We will also need volunteers to support the actors.  To be a Zombie Actor or a Zombie support person you will be required to meet at least once before the day of the event.Zombie actors are for the entertainment of the runners and do not chase the living (you will be cleverly placed along the course to entertain the participants).We will have a make-up person available if your need to get Zombiefied.

Human Volunteer Opportunities (contact Weston at weston1@dreamteamevents.org)

  • Pass out promotional cards and or posters at local business and other running events.
  • Photographers
  • Course cheer leaders
  • Zombie Costume contest
  • Parking
  • Make-up Artist
  • Start/Finish area
  • Clean up



*Poster and Registration Brochure Circulation: (Contact Tony@dreamteamevents.org)

Volunteers are needed to distribute event posters and post cards for display at local business and or other running events. This task should be completed on your own timeline during late September to early October.


*Digital Photographers (qty 4) (contact Danielle@Dreamteamevents.org)

We ask for 4 digital photographers that will be led by Frankie James direction, who would like to shoot candid photos before, during, and after the event. There will be plenty of activity and opportunity for memorable scenes and views. Your photographic creativity is encouraged! We kindly ask that you provide the Event Director access to your photos afterward so they can be displayed on our event website.

Time needed: 8:00am to 11:00am



*Course Cheer Leaders: (contact Weston1@dreamteamevents.org)

Volunteers will be placed along the route to encourage runners.  Volunteers must be proficient at yelling things like “Yeah! Go Go Go, Great Job, Woop Woop, Yippee, Braaaaains,”.  Volunteers will also report injuries, or problems, and address questions and concerns along the Course..  Volunteers pretty much need to be familiar with the course. You can print the course maps from our website.

Time needed: 8:00am to 10:30am (or whenever last participant finishes).


*Zombie costume contest: (Contact Tasha  at cmydellusion@yahoo.com)

Volunteers are needed to be judges for the zombie contest, help run the contest, and handout awards.  Rules will be supplied a week before the event.


*Event Parking / Traffic Flow: (contact Weston1@dreamteamevents.org)

We need volunteers to assist with vehicle parking and pedestrian safety, as directed by the Dream Team Event Parking Functional Leader. Volunteers will direct vehicle traffic flow to the appropriate parking lots at the Phelan Ave and assist pedestrian travel to the Event Area. Time needed: 6:00am to 10:15am


*Make-up Artist (qty 2-6)  (contact Danielle@Dreamteamevents.org)

Volunteers are needed to make up zombies. You must supply photos of your work to be approved. Volunteers are expected to supply minimal tools for working with and go through training meeting. We need 1 volunteer to have participants sign waiver fees and take make-up orders for zombie make-up needs. Please contact Dream Team Events Artistic Director, Danielle Pirslin by email at: Danielle@Dreamteamevents.org


*Start/Finish Line: (contact Weston1@dreamteamevents.org)

Volunteers help line up runners, hand out medals, dance to the DJ’s tunes, help tear down and clean up start/finish area

Time needed: 6:00am to 12:00pm


*Clean-up at the Zombie Run: (contact Weston1@dreamteamevents.org)

We ask 20 volunteers to help clean up after the races, including disassembling and packing up equipment, picking up course marking materials, trash, and general cleanup of the entire area.

Time needed: 10:00am to 12:30pm


*Where ever needed – I Just Want to Help! (contact Weston1@dreamteamevents.org)

If you would like to Volunteer in any capacity or have any questions, comments or concerns please contact us. We need you and we appreciate your support! Give us your ideas about how we can improve the Zombie Run!

Dream Team Events and Sigma Nu are all about FUN and COMMUNITY SUPPORT. If you have an idea or special talent that would enhance the Zombie Run experience please contact us! Thank you for supporting our event!